Krewe of Goddesses

Krewe of Goddesses

A social aid & pleasure club that works towards the empowerment of the female identity, body positivity and sex positivity through outreach and activism in our community.

During this time of racial justice uprising, and keeping with our commitment to being a politically involved organization, the Krewe of Goddesses states unequivocally that we believe Black Lives Matter. We have reflected this commitment through our social media posts and direct actions during recent weeks.

The mission of the Krewe of Goddesses is to create a safe space where all members feel valued and have the support and encouragement to be their creative and authentic selves.

To these ends, we, as a krewe, will be more explicit in our commitment to race equity and gender equity. As a krewe made up predominantly of white women, we acknowledge that we have continual work to do in order to be strong allies. We plan to incorporate opportunities for learning, sharing, and growing throughout our programming as we strive to be truly anti-racist and anti-sexist and fight for a just society. Click the button below to get started.


We are always welcoming new goddess members. Fill out the application and begin the goddess journey.

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